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Starting with an observation, an acknowledgement, the work takes many forms.  Etched mirrors, large-scale timber structures, texts and writing or carefully titled, discovered objects each with a story of their own. In coffee shops, on buses, watching and note-taking relentlessly. The work emerges and follows a path that is sometimes resolved and at other times simply left to evolve.

Despite first glance, seemingly genuine written or typed conversations provoke doubts.  Truths or works of fiction? 

Sharing no material similarities, the different projects are linked by other common means.  A recurring interest in the reflections of the non-reflective, mirrors in text and social situations.  Physical installations may be straight-forward, but obstacles in the reception and understanding are just as important as the work itself.

Impulsive fascinations with narrative create a very broad but faithful developmental process. Continuously celebrating the wrestles of everyday life and making work in tribute. 


Recent Exhibitions:

East Bristol Contemporary Exhibition 19